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Training Services

NBTI has a number of ways for professional nurses to get the job training they require. New nurses and seasoned nurses alike can benefit from on the job training and group training classes. We offer various topics needed to provide quality and efficient care to the geriatric population.

Through our research what we’ve found is nurses don’t have career help beyond resume tips and interviewing skills. NBTI’s mission is to aid nurses in their day to day nursing careers. We hope to equip them with the training and tools needed to provide the best care possible for our patients. Sign-up for one of our many classes including documentation, public health, time management, customer service and many many more! You’ve completed the hard part, nursing school and boards, now let NBTI prepare you for your career! 

On the Job Training

On the job training is ideal for nursing home administrators and director's of nursing who would like to in-service and educate licensed nurses on a wide range of topics including but not limited to fall intervention/prevention and thorough documentation. With the busy day to day activities of long term care, it's almost impossible to give nurses the training that is both beneficial to you the employer and them the employee. Let us take the hassle out of in-services and provide thorough and comprehensive training which is guaranteed to retain employee's and have fully capable, knowledgeable clinicians!


There's a saying in nursing "nurses eat their young" well here at NBTI our mission is to pair quality nurses with nurses newer to the profession. This is for student nurses and nurses with 1 year or less of nursing experience. Ask us about a nurse mentor or become one today!

Group Training Classes

Our most popular form of training, group classroom settings.  This is ideal for newer nurses POST licensing or those that are new to geriatric and long term care settings. Experienced nurses can utilize these classes as refreshers to add to their clinical experience. NBTI will host monthly classroom's covering a wide range of topics. We'll also provide open and honest discussion, resume tips and building with guaranteed career advancement!  Sign-up for a classroom today!

      Resume Writing 

Let one of our professional resume reviewers write the resume you need to land the job you want! Prices range from $25 - $100. Please email your resume to [email protected] for a consultation. We accept Cash App, and Zelle. 

To learn more give us a call: (312) 783-0327